WINGSForum is the preeminent global conference on philanthropy

Bringing together 350 delegates from 60 countries, representing over 100,000 foundations, grant-makers, and social investors from every region of the world.

Ranked as one of the most valuable opportunities for professional development, relationship building and knowledge sharing, WINGSForum offers a rare opportunity to network, learn from others and deeply explore how philanthropy can make an ever-greater contribution to social impact and civil society building.

The Forum brings together a unique collection of philanthropy associations, support organizations, funders and academics from all regions of the world.

About the theme: IMAGINE

WINGSForum 2020 theme, IMAGINE, will challenge us to think beyond the conventional wisdom of what philanthropy is and offer exciting opportunities to explore what it can — and must — become.

There is a tectonic shift underway in the social impact arena. New power, new creative potential, new economic models and new technology have created profound opportunities for philanthropic organizations to become catalysts for transformative social change.

WINGSForum 2020 will focus on 3 major levers of change rooted in the very issues that are bringing about massive shifts in how we work, how we build social interactions and define community, how we create change and how we see ourselves as individuals.

The entire concept of power is finally undergoing a (r)evolution from the top-down paradigm that has defined most of history for millennia toward a more natural distributed model in which true power is rooted in the agency that individuals and small groups of changemakers have to create their own futures. There are new opportunities to rethink the way power is leveraged and distributed within the philanthropic sector and between philanthropists and other actors of social change. New and innovative ways to shift power dynamics and harness new power for the greater good will be explored. Together we will reflect upon and develop new ways of thinking around trust, transparency, accountability, and agency.

In an ever and fast changing tech environment, philanthropic actors need to anticipate and navigate the transformations at play in society and in their specific areas of work. We also have to understand the threats and possibilities these transformations bring on our ability to make and support change. Together we will consider how to leverage tech innovation for social good, new forms of giving and artificial intelligence.

The inherent flaws of old economic models are beginning to be exposed as humankind has a better understanding of environmental impact and growing social inequalities. Governments, companies and communities are beginning to embrace new ways to measure “progress” and a more evolved concept of “value.” New models are emerging that hold the potential to transform our economies and our lives. What role can philanthropy play in bridging the values and achievements of the social sector with mainstream markets? Together we will explore the possibilities of the Green economy, new financing models, impact investing and social economy to create progress at a greater pace and scale.

WINGSForum 2020 participants will leave with:

Generative new connections and ideas for the philanthropic sector

Vision and ideas to re-think the society we want to build

A sense of excitement and possibility for the roles we can play as individuals.

WINGSForum 2020: IMAGINE will be a 20th anniversary celebration of WINGS, so expect additional festivities and fun!

Cohosted By

About the Co-host: Africa Philanthropy Network

We are proud to partner with the Africa Philanthropy Network to host WINGSForum 2020. APN brings together 67 members organizations serving different forms of African philanthropy. Together APN members represent civil society and community partners in more than 50 African countries.

Chair: Maurice Makoloo - Ford Foundation

  • Alina Porumb - Association for the Practice of Transformation (APT)
  • Amy Taylor - CIVICUS
  • Arif Neky - UN Strategic Partnerships / SDG Partnership Platform
  • Asha Curran - Giving Tuesday
  • Barbara Ibrahim - John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement
  • Christopher Worman - TechSoup
  • Lauren Bradford - Candid
  • Dumiso Gatsha - Success Capital Organisation
  • Ingrid Srinath - Ashoka University Center for Social Impact and Philanthropy
  • Marcos Neto - UNDP
  • Maria Chertok - CAF Russia
  • Matt Reeves - Aga Khan Foundation
  • Michael Mapstone - CAF
  • Naila Farouky - Arab Foundations Forum
  • Radhika Shah - SDGPP Advisor
  • Stigmata Tenga - Africa Philanthropy Network
  • Amy Taylor - CIVICUS
  • Matt Reeves - Aga Khan Foundation
  • Barbara Ibrahim - John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement

Co-Chairs: Francis Kiwanga - Foundation for Civil Society and

Janet Mawiyoo - Kenya Community Development Foundation

  • Evans Okinyi - East Africa Philanthropy Network
  • Jackie Asiimwe - CivSource Africa
  • Matt Reeves - Aga Khan Foundation
  • Stigmata Tenga - Africa Philanthropy Network
Special Discounted Hotel rates for participants

Venue: Radisson Blu, Upper Hill
Elgon Road, Nairobi, Kenya.