Exhibition Area


Exhibitions Wednesday, February 22
Location: Don Alberto 1, floor 4


  1. How to reduce inequality in the Amazon region

Presented by: Paula Fabiani, President, Instituto para o Desenvolvimento do Investimento Social (IDIS)

Exhibition of an early childhood development project, implemented in riverine communities of the Amazon region, which are one of the most vulnerable populations of the world. This initiative has built a partnership with state government, a local NGO and a university, to bring knowledge to families and caregivers about the caring of small children and their development. The impact evaluation of the project showed a positive return of almost US$ 3 for each US$ 1 invested. The success of the project inspired the state government to create a public policy dedicated exclusively to early childhood


  1. Next Generation Philanthropy, Impact Investing and Social Entrepreneurship

Presented by: Jonah Wittkamper, Co-Founder and Global Director, NEXUS

NEXUS is a global movement to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship. With thousands of members from 70 countries, we work to unite young investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and allies to catalyze new leadership and accelerate global solutions. Founded in 2011, NEXUS has hosted over 20 summits across six continents to connect young people from diverse backgrounds and link communities that would otherwise never meet. With leaders in 35 countries, NEXUS convenes Summits, hosts “Salons,” facilitates retreats and learning journeys, and operates a dozen issue-focused learning communities, including Biodiversity Conservation, Arts and Music, Ethical Fashion, Film, Human Trafficking, Impact Investing, Mental Health and more.


  1. Contributions to the Mexican Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility

Presented by: Cemefi

Since its inception, the Mexican Center for Philanthropy has developed programs that contribute to the promotion and articulation of philanthropic, committed and socially responsible participation of citizens, CSOs and companies, we wish to achieve a more just, equitable and supportive society, Cemefi is characterized by promoting inclusion, efficiency and transparency in the construction of the public good. Get close and meet our work


  1. Announcing the Launch of the Grantee Experience and Insight Review

Presented by:  John Harvey, Founder, Grantee Experience and Insight Review & Guadalupe Mendoza, Team Leader for Mexico and Central America/Grantee Experience and Insight Review

In grantmaking, relationships that embrace openness, trust and mutuality generate the best results. Unfortunately, enabling such conditions within grantmaker/ grantee relationships can be extremely difficult. The Grantee Experience and Insight Review (GEIR) is a recently launched global philanthropic initiative that provides grantees with the exceptional opportunity to confidentially provide honest feedback on their funders in the service of effectiveness. The GEIR focuses on the policies and procedures of the grantmaker along with a grantmaker’s values, and it is executed globally by an exceptional professional team. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about this important new tool for global philanthropy.


  1. Building a Philanthropic Infrastructure & Creating an Enabling Environment

Presented by: Lydia Moyo, Manager Grants and Capability & Angeline Chitate, Manager Business Development and Sustainability, Southern Africa Trust

This exhibition showcases the contributions of the Southern Africa Trust to the building of infrastructure for African Philanthropy and Civil Society space in the Southern African region. It shows how philanthropy creates and sustains institutions that are key to the reduction of poverty by funding programs that benefit and improve the lives of the poor and marginalised people in society. In the exhibition the visitors have the opportunity to learn of the key programs of the Trust, which include its work on the academic Chair on African philanthropy; on the legislative and policy framework for philanthropy; its work with affected groups on migration and portability of social security benefits, and cross border trade; local giving initiatives and creation of business partnerships.


Exhibitions Thursday, February 23


  1. Corporate Funders’ Approaches to Results Measurement

Presented by: David Carrey, Global Exchange Manager, CECP

Demonstrating value and transparency of corporate societal engagement work is critical for companies and companies’ efforts to measure societal outcomes and impacts are on the rise. But what are the key trends and ways in which companies are measuring their results around the world? This exhibition will showcase engaging displays on results measurement within the corporate funding landscape around the globe with special highlights from CECP and the Global Exchange network


  1. Youth Philanthropy Forum on SDGs

Presented by: Emmanuel Marfo, Founding Executive Director, Global Alliance for Development Foundation (GADeF)

How does your philanthropy connect to change across the world? How does the change you are making tie to bigger work of others? The Youth Philanthropy Forum aims to build greater capacity and create a better environment for youth philanthropic organizations to support the implementation of the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs). Connect your youth philanthropy to the United Nations’ SDGs to see how you are making change towards these big goals. Through exhibition, you can learn and make connections with international leaders by building strong partnerships between youth philanthropic organizations, the United Nations, governments, civil society, and businesses.


  1. Operating System for Community Philanthropy

Presented by: Michael Gale, Senior Program Advisor, GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving is working to provide tools for locally-driven organizations to connect with local funding safely, conveniently, and transparently. GlobalGiving has executed pilot programs in India and Kenya that demonstrate how a global platform can be adapted to power community philanthropy and to link local and cross-border giving into one common “operating system” that can be deployed in both the development and humanitarian contexts.


  1. Comunalia, a Space of Encounter and Transformation, a Reliable Partner for the Community Philanthrophy in Mexico

Presented by: David Pérez Rulfo Torres, Advisor, Comunalia

Comunalia is an joint effort to generate transformation on the country, with focus on local development and strategical social investment. It is aimed to promote the collective work of the community foundations to achieving greater coverage, impact and transcendence in their programs. It seeks to strengthen the citizen´s power, influence on public policies, develop leadership, having representativeness and collective dialogue, also replicate and strengthen the Mexican model of community foundations.


  1. Tackling Complex Problems with Philanthropic Interventions – What Works?

Presented by: Anne McEnany, President & CEO, International Community Foundation

The International Community Foundation is working closely with local partners in Northwest Mexico to research and invest in innovative interventions to solve pressing health, environmental, and education problems. ICF and its philanthropic partners invest staff time and financial resources in special initiatives that range from a clinical study of a mobile device for early cervical cancer detection in low-resource settings to the formation of a regional collaborative of conservation leaders, known as Waterkeepers, to organize efforts around clean water and healthy communities throughout the Baja peninsula. Come learn about a variety of these original and groundbreaking approaches to solving some of today’s toughest challenges.