WINGS recognized the need for a global effort through investment, strategy, and collaboration to address the current challenges presented in philanthropy. “WINGSForum 2017Critical Philanthropy: Addressing Complexity, Challenging Ourselves” will provide an opportunity for reflection on the state of affairs in our field and on the dynamics of power, money and participation.

Our opening plenary will set the stage by addressing the complexity, diversity and contradictions within philanthropy and challenging ourselves to discover the potential for connection and synergy. Throughout the next two and a half day conference, we will be touching upon prevalent issues faced by philanthropy support organizations globally such as:

– Philanthropy’s influence on public policy: efforts to protect and strengthen local and cross-border enabling environments,

– The significance in philanthropy of emerging business solution model approaches to impact social problems.

– Assessment of the quantitative and qualitative approaches to philanthropy development and the impact on quality of life,

The program also includes breakout and workshop sessions, developed by our member network, that address other current philanthropic infrastructure topics and issues. The closing session will be focused on ways of achieving more robust collaboration within the sector and the need for collaboration.

Through these workshops and sessions, WINGSForum2017 provides an environment for organizations supporting philanthropy infrastructure to collectively explore how to build credibility, partnerships, share learning, and increase our field’s capacity to create the conditions for philanthropic endeavors to thrive and succeed.

Stay tuned for details on our 2017 program!