Given the urgency of global crises and challenges to civil society, we must harness the potential of philanthropy, in all its diversity, for a more inclusive, equitable world. WINGSForum 2017 is an opportunity for networking, sharing knowledge and reflecting on our field and on the dynamics of power, money and participation.

We are inviting WINGS members and partners to shape this event by submitting ideas for breakout sessions. At this stage all you need is a good idea – we will ask you to develop the concept further if it is accepted.


  • – Submissions are due by September 20th, 2016 and you will be notified if your proposal has been accepted by October 21st, 2016.
  • – Proposals should be submitted using the online session proposal form below
  • – While everyone is encouraged to submit a proposal, special consideration will be given to WINGS members and organizations working in collaboration with our network.
  • – Your proposal can be for up to 90 minutes long. Possible formats include panel, workshop, roundtable discussion- be original with your session!
  • – Keep in mind that previous evaluations show a strong preference for interactive sessions that engage the audience. Be creative. Edgy and thought-provoking is good too.
  • – Session proposals should address one or more of the following conference tracks:


1. Policy and Participation: creating the conditions for philanthropy to thrive.

Philanthropy infrastructure organizations can play a key role in breaking down barriers and engaging diverse stakeholders to foster an enabling environment for civil society. We will explore how to build credibility, partnerships, share learning, and increase our field’s capacity to create the conditions for philanthropy to survive and thrive.

Possible topics include but are not limited to: Shrinking Space for Civil Society, Public Policy and Advocacy, Regulatory Frameworks, Building Credibility, Inter-institutional Collaboration.

2. Emerging Approaches: the art and science of philanthropy:

Has your organization created a new philanthropic model? Are you engaging social technology? Who are the next generation of voices in our field? This track will cover both proven and new forms of leading philanthropy towards social change. From trends in grantmaking strategies to venture philanthropy and innovations in technology, find out what is going on in philanthropy all over the world.

Possible topics include but are not limited to: Next Generation Philanthropy, Social Technology, Social Return on Investment, Data, Social Enterprise, New Philanthropic Models.

3. Global Issues: strengthening philanthropy’s response to critical problems.

Contemporary philanthropy must act on the critical issues of our day. We must work towards strengthening our individual and collective response to complex global challenges. Share and learn what is happening across the different regions of the world, how we are responding, and how our philanthropic sector can better address them.

Possible topics include but are not limited to: Migration, Inequality, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Diversity, Humanitarian Crises, Peace-Building, Environment, Identity Politics.

4. Stronger infrastructure: building institutional capacity, networks and skills.

Gain practical skills and knowledge that will propel you and your organization forward. This track is focused on helping WINGS members do their work more effectively by building their institutional capacity. Gain more insight into the inner-workings of philanthropy support and membership organization so we can maximize the power of our networks to benefit philanthropy globally.

Possible topics include but are not limited to: Impact Measurement & Evaluations, Sustainability & Revenue Models, Governance, Communications & Social Media, Membership Development & Engagement, Leadership Capacity in a Global Context.