Eduardo Bohórquez

Eduardo Bohórquez is the Executive Director of Transparencia Mexicana, chapter of Transparency

International in Mexico. He is member of the Open Data Advisory Board of the Mexican Government and the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas. He chairs the Scientific Committee of the Mexican Agency for Environmental Safety Hydrocarbons Sector (ASEA). In February 2015, along with Javier Berain, Rafael García Aceves, Alexandra Zapata and Juan Pardinas, he launched the initiative #3de3. Eduardo has been responsible for the design of a large number of anti-corruption strategies that include information systems to improve the accountability of social programs, civil society oversight mechanisms, tools for strengthening integrity systems through the public and private sector, among others. He coordinated the book Open Parliaments, his latest book on parliamentary openness in the world. Eduardo has acted as spokesperson and liaison among the organizations which promote Mexico’s National Anticorruption System and the legislators involved in its debate.