Ian Bird

President, Community Foundations of Canada (CFC)

Ian Bird is the President of Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), the national network that connects the country’s 191 community foundations.

From the moment Ian joined CFC in 2011 he embraced its ‘all for community’ vision and immediately began exploring opportunities to mobilize its diverse network to achieve greater collective impact in communities across the country.

A two-time Olympian in field hockey, Ian was well known in the sport community for his ability to bring groups together to affect change. He quickly began doing the same at CFC. From expanding CFC’s circle of champions to include new voices and expertise, to building new partnerships based on common interests and outcomes, Ian has worked hard to find new ways for the movement to address complex community issues.

Under his leadership, CFC established its landmark effort to help build a smart and caring nation leading up to Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017. Smart & Caring Communities will see the movement expand its reach and establish special Smart & Caring Community Funds to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

The early success of the initiative has led to many opportunities including the network`s first national advertising campaign, a 2017-focused partnership with CBC Radio-Canada and Via Rail Canada, and a unique invitation to play a key role in establishing the Rideau Hall Foundation – a new foundation for Canada.

As the incubator of this foundation, community foundations will share their leadership experience and expertise and Ian will serve at the foundation’s first Executive Director while continuing to serve as President of CFC.

Ian is a native of North Vancouver and currently lives in Chelsea, Quebec.