Pedro Romero de Terreros

Pedro is 49 years old and holds a degree in Economics from ITAM. When he was 19 years old, he began working at Nacional Monte de Piedad in the area of ​​Financial Planning. 

He has extensive experience in the field of finance since he joined the Bank of the Atlantic in the area of ​​Financial Engineering and Corporate Finance of the GBM brokerage; Subsequently served as Vice-President at West Merchant Bank; and as the finances director of different companies.

He held the position of Commercial Director of the newspaper El Financiero; The Director General in Mexico of the Spanish media agency Arena Media and was Managing Partner of Cikum, a private company dedicated to operating home improvement loans.

Since 2010, Pedro attends the sessions of the Patronato del Monte Monte de Piedad – a year later he relieved his father and became Secretary Trustee, a position he still serves.