Travel to Mexico


Mexico City is the most populous city of Mexico, as well as one of the most important financial centers in the Americas. The Mexican capital was defined as a booming, cosmopolitan city filled with attractions suited for everyone, perfect for “travelers seeking some of the world’s best cuisine, museums and forward-thinking design” and where you can find people from diverse locations, of many languages, backgrounds and faiths.


In Mexico, the currency is the Mexican Peso, and every sale price, at least within the center of the country, can be found in pesos MXN $.
International participants can find many change houses in the International Airport of México City. We suggest you to use these options within the airport for more security. They won’t charge commissions neither in the banks nor in the change houses; however the change houses outside the airport or outside the hotel will charge commissions, so you will get less for your currency.
Another way of accessing cash money is through the ATMs with your debit card. It is really important to check with your bank about commissions before leaving.


The average during February is 26°C (78°F) at noon and 7°C (44°F) at night. Generally, the climate in Mexico City is very nice, it is usual for it to have high winds during February.

Dress Code

The dress code for the conference is business casual. We are going to celebrate some cultural events and cocktail during the night, so we suggest you to dress semi-formal or cocktail attire.

Hilton Airport Transfer Service

If you’d like to arrange an airport transfer service you can directly contact Hilton Hotel at
Round trips (Airport – Hotel – Airport) will cost MXN 1339 (USD61).


Airport – Taxi services are located at the international and domestic entrances at Terminals 1 and 2.  In both cases, taxi tickets are sold at the modules located near the arrival gates and in the walkway area.  Rates are posted in a visible place and are authorized by the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT).  For your safety, we recommend you only use the taxi services authorized by this airport, which include:

Terminal 1:

  • Porto Taxi, Sitio 300
  • Nueva Imagen and Excelencia


Terminal 2:

  • Porto Taxi, Sitio 300
  • Nueva Imagen
  • Excelencia
  • Confort and Yellow Cab

Any other service there is illegal.


Rates from the airport to Hilton Hotel are approximately MXN 150 (USD 7) one way trip.

City – In the city you will find the radiotaxi or licensed taxis service, this service sometimes use a kind of taximeter, installed on the copilot place to establish the amount of the service, so you will be able to see all the time the fee of your trip, the charge of payment is all the time in mexican pesos so get ready to pay with the local currency. You can ask to the driver the amount of your trip as well.

The taxis in the City are pink, and you will be sure that it is safe when you observe the following characteristics:
1. Color of the taxi (pink on top of the car and white on the bottom); 2. The car tags in Mexico City always start with the letters A or B, which must be printed in the car; 3. You will see the ID card of the taxi driver adhered to the copilot´s back window.

We suggest you to use the radiotaxi service or UBER in the city, and avoid stopping taxis on the street.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Every City has a dial code set, the dial code for Mexico City is 01 55, followed by 8 numbers, if you want to call to a Mexican cell phone you have to dial 045 55 followed by 8 numbers. If you want to stay in touch, you can buy a mobile card for your phone (only if it is unlocked), which will allow you to make calls in Mexico and access to online data.

In case of any eventuality, you can communicate with emergency telephones City. To Red Cross, Fireman or Police, dial 066 or 911.


In case of accidents, we suggest you to check with your insurance coverage which hospitals do you can visit, to avoid troubles.

Angeles of Mexico Hospital, Londres Medical Clinic
Emergencies: 01 (55) 5229 8445

Medical Tower Group
Emergencies : 01 (55) 1084 8890

If you have any inconvenient during the event, please do not hesitate on contact the staff of WINGSForum and Cemefi.


Wattage is 110-127 volts y 60Hz



Travel Agency

Below you can find the contact of a recommended travel agent in case you’d like to extend your stay in Mexico.


Gerente de Eventos Corporativos
Turismo ADO



Participants are responsible for securing any required visas. WINGS will be pleased to provide a letter of invitation if that will be helpful to you.
To request a letter of invitation, please write to Julia at

If you are still in doubt about whether you need a visa, or you know you need to apply for an entry visa before you travel to Mexico, you should contact your nearest Mexican Consulate for further information and details about application procedures.